101 Christmas Tree Romantic ideas

Christmas is such a magical time of the year.I don't know whether during this time it is the music,the chrismas tree and lights that makes it so magical.May be its just because most people grew up with the memories of so much love around them during this time of the year.May be because it is the time of the year that most adults become kids again.

What ever the reason i know it is not just a special period for me but for many.It is also a period when gifts are being exchanged between lovers.Although you know for sure that your lover is going to give you a gift you still can't wait to see what he/she will give you.

That period of waiting till i get my gift is usually for me the best time because it keeps me hopeful of the different type of gifts i might get.

You can take advantage of such a time like christmas and create some wonderful memories of love with you partner.For example Trimming and decorating a Chrismas tree can have a lot of wonderful and romantic memories. Here is a unique and creative idea and tradition Sunny shared about THE 12 DAY TREE.

Submitted by: Sunny

I have a small artificial Christmas tree that fits perfectly on the nightstand in my bedroom. I decorate it with tiny white lights (great mood lighting at night!) and hang 12 small pieces of paper that are rolled up and tied with a piece of gold ribbon. On each piece of paper I write a special message such as “one back rub” or “one long kiss” (you get the idea!).

My husband gets to take one message off the tree each night for the 12 nights before Christmas. I find that this is a great way to stay connected during the rush and stress of the season and reminds us to take a few moments to enjoy each other. You can get REAL creative with the messages and have a lot of fun redeeming them!!

This year I've included a couple small wrapped items for under the tree…a small bottle of oil and a scented candle are a couple of the things I've tucked under there. When my husband takes a message off the tree that says “pick a gift” he will have several to choose from.

Why not copy what sunny did and reignite your relationship while making memories that will last with your partner during this magical time of Christmas.

Do not forget to share with us some “101 Christmas Tree Romantic ideas” ideas of yours during this period in the comment box below.


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