Dating relationship:Signs of a Possessive Dating Relationship

So you have a lover who is so possessive when you chat or have a drink with an opposite sex, he get so angry, when you ask why he so angry? He will tell you a lie, or those who are bold enough will tell you right out by saying some think like “I love you so much I want you all to my self”.Some go to the extent of not only hating your friends they go to the extent of telling you that you should not see them any longer.

These are all signs that you are on a dangerous ground. These signs can be enforced by the way your friends start behaving when he is around or the comments your friends make about your dating relationship,how it is getting worst every day.When you start noticing all these, then you should understand those are all red lights of a possessive relationship.

Now I want to be clear here, initially you might thing that he/she love you that much to want to spend all his  time with you and  this is extremely common with women under the age of 30.But be careful keeping up or encouraging such an act will only bring you to a down low.

Now if you see those signs of possessiveness which we discussed above (the red light signs)and you want to keep up the relationship here are some tip which will help you through it;

Set Limits;
You can say some thing like this to him.”I love you and I am happy to see you but I also want to see my friends”.

There are three types of relationship you have to outline to him, so as to help your relationship dating to work;

  1. *Time spent together
  2. *Time spent with his friends
  3. *Time spent with your own friends

Trying to separate you from all your friend is trying to make you entirely dependent on him.This is the old game of divide and conker.With this strategy he will have total control over your life and it will be difficult for you to breakup from him.

Stop!!! Do not  let any one control your entire life.How will you experience different things if you are not doing it with lots of different people.Hanging or promoting such acts will only let you have just his own perspective in life which will just gradually lead you in to depression of some kind.

If all this is difficult to correct then seek counseling or check out the amazing discovery from a man whose near death experience reveals keys to ignite passion, solve stubborn relationship problems and ensure you'll always have the love you want.This will help you learn other ways to deal with your possessive lover but just do not keep up with it.
Good luck


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