How To Save Your Marriage From Disaster

Most marriages encounter serious crises after they have gone through a disaster of some kind.Most of such marriages end up later in divorce courts.Rescuing a marriage from failing after a disaster might seem to be a difficult challenge,but it can be done.Couples facing horrible disasters go through an intense stress that usually ends up being too much to bear.In situations like these it is important to know how to save your marriage.

Which type of disaster are we talking about?Well the disaster can range from emotional(like the death of a love one),social and even financial disasters like the economic crisis we are facing today.It can be a natural disaster or an act of hatred by some unknown entity.May be an illness attacking one of you or any thing for that matter that may be causing your world to fall apart.

Before learning how to save your marriage from any disaster it is important to know and understand that we humans are all different from each other and we act and react differently.The most obvious is the difference between how a man and a woman might handle a situation.While others are more outward and more obvious in their grieving others are rather repressive with their feelings.Accepting this and coming to understand it will help you in the long run to rescue your relationship.

Just like understanding that individuals are different,it is important to note too that grief or sadness brings out the worst in people and negative characters are often zoomed out or exaggerated.You have to understand why certain changes are taking place in the personality of your partner.You should be experiencing such changes as well.You will want to be alert in situations like these,don't excuse the behavior and don't let harmful behaviors ruin things more but understand what is happening.

The best possibilities to deal with situations like these in such critical times are,seeking the help of your priest or pastor if you are religious and counseling for those who can afford it.

For those who can not afford counseling or are not religious or those who want to simply handle the situation themselves there are other suggestions that can help you go through times like this.

*committing to each other;

By placing your commitment to each other that you will get through this as a team.That is supporting and understanding each other being a priest or therapist when you should be one or just simply being a shoulder to cry on.

*Finding a support team;

It is true that there is strength in numbers.So finding others who have gone through this,Family members or friends whom you trust and who understand the situation to help you go through this.

*Finding a reason to laugh again;

Finding a reason to laugh will not only give you a break from the stress you are going through it will actually make you feel better.So spending more time with fun loving individuals or watching those funny programs on TV will be of great help.

Saying “i do”,for “better or worst”,means a great deal.And this crises may just be one of those “better or worst” you promised to undergo.So it is worth going through it step by step,one day after another,after all it will only make your relationship stronger if you can and are determined to save your marriage.

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