I Still Love My Ex – Its On You

If you have been saying, “I still love my ex” then you need to know what you want to do. Residual love may be hanging on and that is perfectly natural. You shared special moments together and built up closeness. That closeness and the love you feel is not broken easily. Does the love that you still feel mean that you may want the one you love back?

What does it mean when you say, “I still love my ex?” When a person says “I still love my ex” that is actually a good sign that means that there truly was love at one point. That love is a gift that can't be easily taken from you. It is normal for love to still be there due to the many memories from your relationship. Many will be memories of good times. Because you may still feel love it does not necessarily mean that you should get back together. You should ask yourself,”I still love my ex, but do I want my ex back?” If you take the time and step back to think about it, you will be able to see if the two of you were meant to be.

If you find that you are saying,”I still love my ex” it may due to the lingering feelings of fondness and there should be no rush to go in any certain direction. You should go with the flow. One of two things will happen. You will either remain friends for a long time or drift apart. Being friends is something that few have and it's really quite special. Great friends are hard to find. If you are saying, “I still love my ex”, and you really mean that you want to get back together with them, then you have some work to do. First you need to know if the other person has any interest in you still. As with the advice above, this should happen naturally. Do not push the issue one way or the other and you will be able to see if the feeling is mutual.

When both of you mutually agree to try again, you will need to be ready to work. If this was a failed marriage, you should seek a marriage counselor. It does not really matter what type of relationship that was failed, you should seek the advice of a relationship expert so that you can rebuild your relationship into a stronger union. It is obvious that mistakes were made and that the two of you were not capable of resolving them on your own. If you were already receiving counseling then change providers.

You will need a fresh start and should have help to make your relationship stronger. If you find that you are saying “Help! I still love my ex!” You do not need to panic. Let things take a natural course and then seek help to find the right path. Soon you will no longer be saying,”I still love my ex.” Instead you will be saying “I am in love.”


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