Relationship Problems And True Love

Is it true Love alone can take you through your relationship problems to a better and blissful one?

I do not want to go in to the argument of whether love is real in the first place or not because every one is entitle to his or her philosophy or opiniun.I for one i believe there is love and it exist in reality other wise why are people offering their life every day for the protection of their country or loved ones.

I do also believe there is in every human being an iota of love deep down each and every one of us.But the way we express it is what brings evil on earth.For example committing suicides or killing another person in the name of love might actually be love but expressed in an evil way.

Now going back to our original topic or question.Can true love alone take you through your relationship problems to a blissful one?

To my opinion again love can do any thing you want it to do example build a stable relationship,improve your health and even wealth just about any thing just as it can destroy your relationship,health and even wealth.It all depends on those involved in the relationship and how well they understand the word love.

Now giving you the real meaning of love can take us another day and a whole new blog.For me its the simple definition of doing unto others what you want done to you.Definitely no one with a clear brain will ever want harm or any pain for that matter done to him/her.

So with this in mind i would like to come to a conclusion or at least an answer to the question above by saying yes love can take you through your relationship problems to a blissful one if you love the other person unconditionally as you do yourself.Loving some one unconditionally is Knowing that the one you love is also a human like you, who makes mistake like you.And that you are prepared to forgive those mistakes and move on to a better life like you do forgive yourself from time to time and move on.

A relationship with this type of love even if its coming just from you alone is like a firm foundation of a tower being build with the sky as its limit.With a foundation of love like this not even a tsunami of any evil that destroys relationship can over come that.

However i am not saying you should go to the extent of risking your life for a joke who is very problematic and can not grow up.Take care for now and good luck


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